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Anti-Acne Facial Treatment (1 hour)

This treatment is New York Skin Solutions’ absolute expertise and specialty, boasting extreme client satisfaction and noticeable results. We are dedicated to improving not only our clients’ skin, but also their quality of life.

The medical aesthetician must carefully assess each unique acne skin issue to determine the treatment plan and the subsequent steps.

Again, we begin this treatment with the HydraFacialTM as the base step (deep pore cleansing, steam application, extractions). We implement deeper extractions, to thoroughly excavate and rid each pore of impurities, oil, and bacteria. We are extremely careful to prevent any trauma to your skin to avoid pigmentation and harsh scarring.

We then implement the high-frequency treatment, utilizing a special tool which is lightly massaged onto your skin. The tool is an electrode producing argon gas, which is good for your skin and emits a small electrical current. Application to the skin generates oxygen, thereby killing bacteria, and calming inflamed skin.

We are also sensitive to those patients that have had post-acne skin trauma, so we have developed a specific treatment for their needs. If you want to know more about this treatment, please click here

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