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Neck & Decollete Massage

The décolleté is the area of exposed skin around the lower neckline and the cleavage, also referred to as the chest area. The skin in this area is thinner than skin on other parts of the body, so it needs to be protected with the strongest barrier possible to prevent loss of hydration. Skin dehydration is known as a major cause for age associated wrinkles in the neck and décolleté. Anti-aging treatments are often focused on the face. Because so much of our clients’ anti-aging focus is placed on facial treatments, the sun damage and imperfections of the neglected décolleté are often noticeable compared to the fresh appearance of the treated face area.

When massaging the décolleté area, drape the client’s breasts and be aware that breast tissue can be very sensitive. Performing gentle effleurage and circular motions around the chest and breast tissue area helps enhance blood flow and maintain good tissue health.

Techniques for treating the décolleté include gentle circular frictions to loosen the attachments or adhesions around the collarbone, gentle tapping to bring blood and oxygen to the area and acupressure points, lymph drainage techniques and gentle range of motion stretching for the pectoral muscles.

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