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Porederm Treatment

We are the ONLY skin care clinic that carries and administers the porederm treatment. The client can elect a custom serum for their skin care needs. The client’s serum is applied onto the skin. The pearl shaped mechanisms, are then massaged over the client’s face, and the serum is then administered even deeper into the skin by using this device. There is absolutely no pain, and you are left with a deeply infused skin with special solution. It helps anti-aging, elasticity, and also what Koreans find important – whiteness!

*What is Porederm?

POREDERM is very unique Transdermal Delivery System based on “Dual Enhanced Transdermal Electropoation technology” which combines pre-enhancing and post-enhancing function to conventional “Electroporation technology”.

POREDERM is equipped with dual independent probes which operate separately, Two customers can be treated at the same time without any waiting.

Optimized Transdermal Pathway to the skin

– 1 step: Exfoliation

– 2 step: Cavitation

– 3 step: Electroporaton

– 4 step: Particle Acceleration

Short and high electric pulse makes holes on the cell membrane.
(Reversible reaction)



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