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Teen Hydrafacial  Treatment(1hour)

For many teens,  so much fun in  life, but oily skin, uneven skin tone, dark patches, acne, and scarring, these things may take a heavy toll on their self-confidence. 

With HydraFacial, you can enjoy clear, beautiful, radiant skin.HydraFacials deeply cleanse the skin, both clearing up current issues and preventing future breakouts. 

A HydraFacial clears your pores in ways an adhesive nose-strip simply cannot. We will use a special vortex extraction tool to literally suck up all the debris still inside your pores. Clearing the debris from your pores not only leaves your skin looking amazing and prevents acne outbreaks, but it also allows your pores to shrink and become less noticeable.

Your skin can be treated with the Hydrafacial  benefits from:

Cleaner skin

Smaller pores

More even skin tone

Hydrated skin

A refreshed, glowing appearance

Because this treatment hydrates the skin while removing dead skin and impurities, the Hydrafacia is an option for patients with sensitive skin. One of the biggest benefits  is that these improvements are achieved through a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that is perfectly suited for teenagers.

The intense hydration provided by HydraFacials moisturizes and alleviates dryness, making your skin radiant and healthy. If you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin makes it easier to concentrate on the big things, like your SAT scores.

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